56 Olds Classic Car Restoration

We performed this classic car restoration from the ground up.

All the body work, paint work, upholstery, chrome and mechanical. Its all in its original colours, the silver and blue go together really well with lots of chrome to break it up. As you can see the chrome bumper bars are huge on these classics and they were a challenge just from the sheer size of them, but they turned out really well.

Classic Car Restoration

We re-painted all the interior trim window paneling, painted a new steering wheel, got the seats reupholstered and new roof lining put in.

Classic Car Restoration


Mechanically we put all new brakes through it, re-built the fuel pump and carbie and went right through all the electrics.


A few interesting facts about the 56 Oldsmobile:

For 1956, styling highlights included a new split grille in front and revised taillights and deck along with revised side chroming. Horsepower for the 324 Rocket V8 increased to 230 for 88s and 240 for Super 88s. A new four-speed Jetaway Hydra-Matic was introduced this year to replace the original Hydra-Matic transmission that Olds had used since 1940. The new Jetaway Hydra-Matic retained the four forward speeds and fluid coupling unit, but added a new “Park” position to the shift quadrant and no longer required band adjustment as a specified routine maintenance. Inside, an oval speedometer replaced the round unit and a new foot-operated parking brake replaced the previous T-handle unit.